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Fundstück: Vor 20 Jahren von einer guten Freundin aus dem Posteingang einer internationalen Organisation gefischt und dann vergessen, weil bei aller Schrägheit ziemlich beunruhigend. Und heute kommt mir dieser Stil nur allzu vertraut vor. Was Helmut Markwort und Vera Int-Veen dazu zu sagen hätten, konnte ich bis jetzt leider nicht herausfinden. Enjoy. 


Cologne 19.9.1996

Hey operatoresses and operators!

Let me talk about injecting male dealer brain in womens.I think such uncool acts are done up to yet.Every human being has paranoia of getting injected now the brain in another body of some more stupid human being.I think Claudia Schiffer and Cindy Crawford are stupid.

We call these grow machine human beings synthos.And further I myself do not want to goe to the Andromeda Galaxy for NASA or anybody else in a small satellite.You know,Mila and Nadja Vandemar you can ask about my plans and they might tell you the truth about humans brains and humans paranoia of getting syringed in.Now let me tell you about mushroom Laser weapon.I think you pick mushrooms worldwide and instead of giving it to the red indian aboriginal of america you put it in your laser weapon.Doe youthink that is right,Maybe you use poisonus mushrooms because you do not know the mushroom world exact.So,my wash is that you only inject brains that want this.Further I wish that you let mushrooms grow in the nature because they are important for ecological balance of nature.Ask Helmut Markwort from Focus newspaper or Vera Veth-Inn from SAT1 Television in Germany what they thank about these evil plans.Punish some hummn pigs that put dangerous chemical poisons ore tumors or vires in the nature at nlght.Punish older Nazischweine-Rentner and Rentnerrinnen that want to make up the big Adolf Hitler.Work together with INTERPOL more.Believe in the good of humanity and in the interest of humanity you should tell truth.Bye ,bye…. •.

Yours Truly Mr. (…)

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