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Hat es wirklichen Wandel je gegeben?

Pflichtprogramm für alle, die mit dem digitalen Wandel und Medien zu tun haben: dieser kurze Vortrag von Wolfgang Blau. Stichworte unten darunter dienen dazu, die entsprechenden Stellen wiederzufinden.

„Has change ever happened?“


Classic four sectors of cultural change management:

  • Overcoming silos
  • Digital skills – constant retraining
  • Testing and releasing products – iteration, design thinking etc.
  • Relation to the users

Another theme is emerging:

  • We are constantly 6 months behind –  a must-have, not an advantage
  • Too many options – challenge of prioritization

Real strategy contains of 50% of things you don’t do or stop doing

Crucial question: Which business are we actually in? Different people in the company will bring up different answers – but you have to select one path to gain a competitive edge.

Technological change – Railway analogy. Next to rational arguments – is going to damage local business, spread illness and radical ideas and crime –  “Cultural jetlag”: the mind is not yet prepared to process the new signals.

“Integration, change, are highly manipulative words.”

Four key insights:

  • Spend as much time to understand the existing culture
  • Don’t overestimate how much a culture can really change
  • Ruthlessly discern between tactics and strategy
  • Watch your language – be really succinct in the words you use

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